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The Child of Events!

By:Sir Teymur Roshdi

Smashwords Edition

Copyright2010-Sir Teymur Roshdi


To elaborate the events of my life and all the accidents which happened to me , I should refer to the early years of my childhood. The events after the third anniversary of my birth are astonishingly clear enough in my mind to explain them , but what I know about the period before this time I learned it later by the tales my father told me .

I was born in between of a conjugal struggles which happen usually after some years of marriage, and after my older sibblings , a girl and a boy , as the third child of my parents. Based on what my father told me in his old age, my mother cherrished too much her two childs, especially her first baby boy who was born after many years of awaiting , but she didn 't feel happy of my birth which seemingly bothered her , maybe because of a sort of tiredness or a sort of depression that many mothers experience after giving birth. As a result of this condition , my mother rejected me since the beginning and instead of feeding me she fed my two years old brother who still was fed by mother-milk . As a baby I was put away and instead of milk I was fed by tea , few times a day. When my father noticed that I was ignored by my mother tried to find a solution . Accidently in our neighborhood lived a young woman who had lost her baby after some weeks and when she learned that my presence in the family was a charge , she accepted eagerly to feed me and taking care of me . She was a very kind and caring woman and did all she could to keep me alive and nurturing me . But after few months her motherhood milk dried because of undernourishment and poverty , so she just fed me with some poor soup . This sort of diet caused gradually my weakness complicated by baby illnesses . The young woman who could not understand what was happenning to me because I was just in some coma and spent my last hours , was afraid of the responsibility of my death , brought back my dying little skinny body to my father's home. My parents after seeing my skinny shape which was about to passing away , ignored me and waited the aftermath .

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