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The California Department of Real Estate DOES NOT REQUIRE COMPLETION OF QUIZZES OR ESSAYS PRIOR TO YOUR FINAL EXAM. Study the "Written Assignment" questions based on the chapter readings as well as the answers with page references that are on the following page. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEND IN ANY "WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT" ANSWERS. To complete this course, just study the practice questions and answers, take the final exam online or on paper and, if on paper, make sure the final exam question sheets and completed Scantron answer forms are returned to us along with the completed "Certification of Test Administrator." THE FINAL EXAM IS OPEN BOOK. If you have any questions, please call (619) 222-2421.

1) This course consists of text reading and a final examination.

2) Practice questions ("Written Assignments") covering most of the chapters in the book are based on the text reading in each chapter. Answers to those practice questions (with page references) are included for your convenience and may be found on the page after this page. The "Written Assignments" are for your practice only. NO QUIZ QUESTIONS ARE REQUIRED PRIOR TO YOUR FINAL EXAM.

3) The minimum time limit to complete one course is 20 days from the date of enrollment. The maximum time limit to complete one course is six (6) months from the date of enrollment. Two three (3) month extensions may be obtained (see section below on Extensions and Re-enrollments). Under no circumstances can your enrollment last beyond twelve (12) months.

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