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John McMullen Story

My Life in Harness Racing

Copyright Pat Ritter 2001


What happened? I couldn’t remember anything. All I could remember was, it was Saturday morning, and I was in the Emergency Department, Redcliffe Hospital. My back was sore and I had a sore head. One of the nurses told me I was in a race fall the night before. I don’t remember being at Redcliffe races nor nominating for Redcliffe races. I was told I was driving Maker Reign in the race. I couldn’t remember having a horse named Maker Reign.

Was I in trouble? I couldn’t remember anything about the races. I don’t ever race at Redcliffe. This must be a dream. Someone told me the number of telephone calls I’d received, also how the nurses were annoyed answering the calls. I didn’t know what all of the fuss was about. My back was bruised and my head sore. I’d had far worse injuries before. After six weeks I was well and truly recovered from the fall at Redcliffe and my injuries healed. Well, that’s only another fall, I’ll get over it.

After my recovery from the race fall at Redcliffe, one morning I was working a young horse at Albion Park when the horse decided to buck and lunge forward. I was seated on the seat of the work gig when the horse charged forward. I felt the horse’s hoof hit me in the nose. Blood went everywhere; my nose broken. The horse’s leg was across the cross bar of the work gig. It happened in a split second; it was no use hanging onto the reins, I was thrown forward out of the work gig and landed on top of the horse’s head. My left knee broken; I felt the pain as my leg twisted up against my thigh.

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