Devin is almost 14 years old. His mother died six years ago, and he helps look after his younger brother while their father works. Devin’s dad is a pitcher for a minor league baseball team, and is trying to make it into the major leagues.

Just when it seems that things are looking better, tragedy strikes again. Now, it’s all up to Devin. He has his own dreams, and he desperately cares about what’s left of his small family. Will he be able to make it work?

The story of Devin Robinson as the kid pitcher for the San Francisco Giants becomes well known, but what was never told is the story of Devin and Jordan’s early years. They have long since reached adult age, and they have decided that the time is now right to put the journey of the beginning part of their lives into print.

This is a story for baseball fans and anyone else who wants to read about personal courage and determination


A reviewer at Barnes and Noble called the book 'inspiring'.

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