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Gregory Chandler always kept the door locked. Period. On the hulking solid-wood door was a vast array of assorted locks and mechanisms. Three different deadbolts were safely secured, and were followed by three bolt and chain locks, a couple of padlocks and a crossbar for some occasions.

He looked over his beautiful locked door while sipping on a glass of water. The water was out of a bottle, but he ran it through his Brita just to be sure that it was really pure. The cool, crisp, clean water ran through his teeth as he savored the feeling on the liquid pouring down his throat.


He moved away from his door, the padded slippers on his feet shielded between him and the sterile tile floor, and he looked at his windows in the living room. Barred on the inside and the outside. The shining padlocks that he changed every three months were tightly secured. Nothing was getting in that way.

He had run a similar inspection on the entire lower floor, and he was about to retire to bed. After the exhausting day he had, bed sounded like pure bliss. That and the novel he had purchased that afternoon, perhaps he would read a few pages of that before he shut down for the night.

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