Jake helped me clear a space where we had planters of silk plants, flowers and animal yard ceramics, right next to our back door steps. We fixed a plywood floor and added patio carpet. The playhouse came with its own kitchen table. My daughter told me to set the little table with food and water dishes. She assured me the cats would come. I don't know why I had any doubts. It only took a few minutes to arrange a pretty, silk flower garden that fit the playhouse perfectly.

How the cats spread the word there was a new cafe in the neighborhood, I haven't the faintest idea. But as soon as I got out of the way, disappearing, inside the house, I peeked out the window to watch how the attraction worked its magic. The boldest cat of all, a golden-eyed, soft gray tomcat, named Grayson, climbed down off the roof of the tool shed. He slipped through the door and jumped upon the table. As if he owned the playhouse and began to munch, picking and choosing his favorite tasty tidbits, to my everlasting delight.

My day begins with our house cats, Mikey and Fun Bobby. They act like alarm clocks, meowing me out of bed. If I don't jump up quick enough to suit them, they let go like squealing fire alarms. As soon as I'm up and about our pups, a little black poodle, Bailey, and the two Lhasa Opsos, Mugsey and Ashley, fall out. I feed the cats and let the pups outside in their small yard for a few minutes. When they are satisfied that I'm in my proper housekeeper's mode, and the coffee pot is on the burner, they mosey back to bed, snuggling warm and comfy, with Papa Jake, where they belong.

Then I step outside to check the food and water dishes in the playhouse. My neighbor, Peggy, has two cats. We always greet each other, "Good Morning, Tippy Blue Eyes and Emmie!" Tippy Blue Eyes don't have much to say, but Emmie tells me everything. She even complains sometimes. I got off on the wrong foot with Tippy Blue eyes when we first met. I sorta gasped, "That's the prettiest cat I've ever seen!" From that moment on she was afraid that I might steal her because she was so pretty. She did not take into account that I already had my thievin' hands full with my own two cats, which I also thought were extra ordinary traffic stoppers. I've known Emmie since she was pocket size. So we had a better beginning. When push comes to shove, if either one of Peggy's cats are accidently let outside, while she's at work, they'll come to me to let them back in their house. Mostly they lounge around in the sunshine on their screen porch. They are friends with the alley cats, especially the little black and white kitty who prances to her own happy tune; that is until she reaches Peggy's house.

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