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Digital Memories

Clyde Key

Published by Clyde Key

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Clyde Key

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Digital Memories


Clyde Key

I became aware of darkness first, then of numbness and silence. There wasn’t the slightest sensation of any sort. Indeed, it seemed the world was gone, and only my thoughts were left. And then, suddenly, bright white light flashed all around me, followed by softer auras of red and green and blue and many hues between. A strange sight came into view when my eyes began to focus. Geometric shapes filled my vision. A large circle stood before me, and it contained smaller circles. There were rows of bars in the middle and around the periphery. I had been worried about the strange lack of sensations, but that gave way to curiosity as I watched the patterns before me. Some of them were not completely clear at first but, one by one, each came into focus until I could see the entire pattern clearly. It was not clear at all, though, what was happening to me.

As I mused about the strange vision, I was jolted by a clap of sound like thunder from a lightning bolt striking in my own back yard. It frightened me, and I'm certain that I would have jumped, except that I could not jump for some strange reason.

Garbled sounds began to fill my ears then, both loud sounds and soft, but all muffled like voices distorted by a thick wall. I could hear the voices but I couldn't make out the words. The pattern of circles and bars disappeared then and other figures came into view, blurred at first but then quickly into focus. I was comforted to see people moving until I noticed that I could not look about. My eyes were set on one position and I could only see the objects ahead of me and I could see the people who walked in my field of view. I couldn’t even blink. Still, it was an improvement over the previous condition.

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