I awoke peering into the brightest green eyes I had ever seen. The round, pale face moved back a bit, and I saw multiple, tiny blotches of freckles on a tiny pudgy nose and large red curls dangling down behind small ears. Petite, round lips were turned down in a frown, and then they rapidly moved.

"You’re not what you seem."

I moved back a little and then struggled to sit up to face my new audience. A small, pudgy girl knelt down on both knees beside me, her large round head shaking abruptly.

"No, no," the small lips moved rapidly again. "You’re not like us at all." She continued to shake her head, her long red curls swinging and bouncing.

It took a moment for me to clear my head and register what the little girl had said to me. Panic spurted inside me as I came aware of the young girl’s words. Did she see something different about me? I nervously glanced around the room and then relaxed a little when I saw that we were the only two in the yurt. She was only a child; maybe she was talking about something else.

The girl was still frowning and shaking her head when I asked, "And what makes you think that?"

The young girl stopped moving her head and stared at me. She then stopped frowning and shrugged.

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