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Broken Heart

Copyright 2011 by Coyotes Publishing

Smashwords Edition


It hurts when I see it.
People with there signifigant others, me without shit.
All that love between the two.
While I sit, bein ignored by all.
I can't do this anymore, I have to find someone.
Even though there is no one out there for me.
I'm destined to be alone forever & ever.

I'm destined to live in the dark & feel the pain.

Maybe I should lay it all on the line.
Maybe I should tell her how I feel this time.

Who knows what I should do, besides continuing to swallow my feelings.

Been doin so for 22 years.

I don't know what else to do, things probally won't go my way if I do tell her that.

- Kennie -

Stomach Filled Of Feelings

Why is it that my stomach hurts so much.
It's probally missing the softness of her touch.

The gleem in her eyes anytime she smiled.

I felt it in my stomach everytime we got together.

It's a shame things had to end this way, but they did.

If I could have changed the outcome I would have.
Guess things had to be like this, just my luck.
Never had a chance with her, even though I wanted.

She said things may progress that way.
But they didn't, what else is for me to do.

Might as well settle with bein alone.
That's all that it's goin to be for me.

Oh well it's not like anythin will ever be different.
I should have known, I should have seen.
That through this whole world.

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