This story is about 2300 words.

Gatt starred at the symbols. Did he know these from somewhere?

"Quick, Gatt. We need to get out of here," his father said in a hushed voice.

"Why?" Gatt was mesmerized by the symbols.

"Because it'll be close."

Gatt came out of his daze and saw the look of concern on his father's face. It was time to go.

They sprinted through the woods. Gatt noticed that there were no bird calls in the area. What's happening? He felt like going back to the corpse to read those symbols again.

Faster, faster. His heart beat strongly in his chest as he forced himself to keep up with his father. Something was very wrong.

Up ahead there was a small tree trunk that must have fallen during a thunderstorm. It was black and slightly burnt. His father leapt over it with nimble grace and came down on the other side.

"Argh!" he screamed in agony.

His father hit the ground head first and was still. Gatt jumped onto the log and saw what had stopped his father. There were long thick spikes in the ground - the type used to cripple men during sieges. Who would have put something like this here?

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