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This story is about 3000 words.

Hob climbed over the wall and dropped quietly to the ground. He ran across the space as a guard turned the corner and ducked into a small space between a drain pipe and the wall.

He breathed quietly as his heart beat increased. The guard stopped for a moment to adjust his belt, but didn't notice him. He waited for the guard to leave and found the window Lerk had mentioned.

Inside the building the candles had been mostly blown out. The servants would be closing the mansion down for the night before everyone retired to bed.

Hob heard a noise to his left. He ducked into a small closet next to the stairs. There was a tense moment as the footsteps got closer. They stopped outside.

Hob stood waiting to see what would happen next. He knew there would be guards inside and if they saw a door slightly ajar like it was now they might react by checking what had caused that. He waited as his heart thumped loudly in his chest and sweat started to stand out on his brow.

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