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This story is about 2000 words.

He suddenly sped forward. There was no feeling of speed in space, so he zoomed forward at a pace only realized by the sensors that blinked in his mind's eye.

"X9 group. This is command force. You have something large and unidentified moving off your side."

Rick spun around in a circle. Warp lights to the left. That meant something had just come through a transport hole.

There was a burst of silvery laser fire as something nearby opened up.

"Cruiser! Enemy cruiser to the left!" the X9 commander screamed.

Rick turned and activated the missiles on his wings.

"Releasing death stalkers," he said in his inhuman computer generated voice.

The missiles streaked through the darkness and exploded 40 kilometers away. Something banged as it hit an invisible shield.

"Coordinates 120-x3-555. Contact," one of the others said.

"Confirmed," Rick replied.

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