Car Trouble

Domestic Discipline Short Stories

By Jennie May

Copyright 2009

Jennie May

Published by Smashwords

Texting Trouble

Ali pulled out of the gas station and made a right turn. She’d managed to get her errands out of the way quickly and was thankful to be almost home. She reached for the radio to crank up the country music when she heard her phone beep.

She glanced down at her bag and pulled out her sleek, shiny cell phone. It had been a birthday present from her husband. Jim was always up on the latest technology and was sweet about buying her gadgets that would make her life easier.

The message was a text from Jim. It said, “Hey babe. Did you pick up milk?”

She grinned and texted him back, her fingers flying on the tiny keys. “Yes, I did.”

She used the texting feature on her phone so often that she’d had to start wearing her fingernails shorter. One of her errands that day had been to stop by the nail salon and get them painted a pretty pink. She loved the way the soft color looked with her long, auburn hair.

The phone beeped again. She pushed the message button as she absently turned a corner. The message said “Are you at home?”

She froze. She knew what he was really asking. When Jim bought her the phone he had laid down the rules. There was to be no talking while driving unless she was using a hands-free device. That rule was easy because Ali liked her little blue-tooth earpiece and because it was illegal to drive and speak on a cell phone at the same time. She knew that they couldn’t afford the ticket that would result if she was pulled over. Another of Jim’s rules, however, was harder for her to follow. Jim had told her that she was not allowed to text and drive.

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