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Genealogy Research For Beginners

Introduction To Genealogical Records And Techniques

Lessons 1-7


Polly Ann Lewis



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Genealogy Genealogy Research For Beginners Introduction To Genealogical Records And Techniques Lessons 1-7

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Genealogy is a passion. Do you have a passion that you just can't live without? Genealogy can be very additive, so if you don't think you will mind turning your house into a library, staying up all hours of the night doing a genealogy search for that illusive Uncle Ben, running our hubby or wife all over the country searching for dead relatives, and living with the dead more than the living, you are reading the right book to start your family genealogy research right now. Your genealogy family tree is going to be growing roots and sprouting branches all over the world as soon as you start the research into your ancestry. Your family tree and family history will all be found in all the genealogy records you will be digging up as soon as you, the beginner genealogist, learn how to collect, bag and examine all the family history and family history genealogy for your family tree.

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