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Muuyaw Taavo:

An Encounter with the Clarkdale Ghost Rabbit

By H. Jason Schulz

© 2011 H. Jason Schulz All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition

Not too long ago I found myself in Clarkdale Arizona having a delightful lunch at a local restaurant. My wife Heather and her brother James were there, along with James’ girlfriend Heidi, who happened to have grown up in Clarkdale. Heidi mentioned an accident that she and James had witnessed while talking a walk one evening. Heidi said she seen a very large rabbit along side of the road that appeared to be watching the occasional cars as they passed by. She jokingly suggested that it had perhaps called a cab or was just merely counting cars. As James and Heidi passed over the hill and out of sight of the rabbit they heard tires screeching and a loud crash. They rushed back to find that a car had skidded off of the road and had run into an embankment. After they had checked on the driver, who was not injured, they saw the large rabbit who seemed to smile in a satisfied way and then to hop away into the brush. The conversation was quite amusing and we all had a good laugh at the absurdity of the rabbit intentionally causing the unfortunate accident.

A few weeks past and once again I happened to be in the company of James who brought up the rabbit. “It seems that the rabbit was at it again.” James said, as he relayed a story in which Heidi was driving into Clarkdale to visit her parents when she saw the big rabbit once again sitting beside the road. It was dusk and as her headlights shown onto the rabbit it seemed to smirk in a mischievous way. She drove on wondering at the rabbit when suddenly, in her rear view mirror, she saw the headlights of a vehicle seem to bounce up and down and then off of the road stopping instantly in a cloud of dust – another vehicle had crashed! She turned around and went back to the wrecked vehicle. The driver and passenger were all right and as she glanced over to where the rabbit was, she just caught a glimpse of it hopping away. Again, it was an interesting coincidence about the rabbit, or was it a coincidence?

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