American Indians in Colorado:

Dancing With Grace


Karen D. Herndon

Smashwords Edition

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American Indians in Colorado: Dancing With Grace

Copyright © 2011 by Karen D. Herndon


This book is written for my grandchildren Emma Eikermann, Kara Eikermann, Brian Harvey, and Valerie Harvey.

It is also written for the Indian children of Colorado.

It is written for Colorado teachers and parents too.

It is written in hope that all will continue to seek the rest of the story.


This book could not have been written without the painstaking research of many scholars. Their scholarship provided the foundation of this book for children. As always, I am deeply grateful to Dr. Gary Knight, professor at Ft. Lewis College, and his family who first introduced me to the Navajo people of Rough Rock, AZ. I am especially grateful for the continuing support of my friends RoseMarie McGuire, Director of Indian Education for Denver Public Schools and a strong, dedicated Dakota woman, and John Compton, a wise, generous, and humorous Lakota elder.

Two excellent teachers, Jennifer Morton and Sue Bryers, helped to ensure that the book was useful to teachers and engaging to children. Katrina Her Many Horses and her family, Ceriss Blackwood and her grandmother, and Dr. Sara Jumping Eagle graciously allowed me to tell their stories. Gracie Tyon, a teacher and Lakota Jingle Dress dancer and Powwow dance judge reviewed the powwow material. Don Williams, a friend, a photographer, and an Apple genius, taught me new skills, patiently fixed my mistakes and made this e-book a reality.

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