What Others Are Saying About Meredith Sue Willis's Only Great Changes

Willis makes a familiar story fresh and engaging with her wise perceptions and unusual language.

San Francisco Chronicle (Dec. 23, 1984)

Willis again picks meaningfully at the charge-laden fences between peoples, castes, and individual needs.

Kirkus Reviews (11-1-84)

Take a half dozen of the novelists who routinely show up as repeaters on the best-seller lists, ask them to put their united talents into one collaboration, and the chances are they couldn't write a page which Meredith Sue Willis couldn't do better. She would beat them with the acuteness of her eyes and ears, her unfaltering way of bringing the fruits of her observation alive on paper and her sure sense of where to look in the crannies of human affairs for the materials of drama.

— Leslie Hanscomb in New York Newsday

Authors....pretend to write about all of life, but mostly they opt for the excitement. It takes talent, observation, and a particular caring to bring the average person's experience to life in a book. Willis does it here, making gold out of common materials. There are indications that she is not done with Blair Ellen yet, and I can't wait for the alchemy of her next book.

The Plain Dealer (March 11, 1985)

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