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  • Why did Himmler, the leader of the SS, release Frankenberg’s father from the death camp Auschwitz?

  • What was in Hitler’s personal file, kept by the Nazi Party’s own intelligence service, the SD?

  • Who blackmailed Hitler and what was the dark secret in his past?

  • Why was the Holocaust, the mass extermination of Europe’s Jews, set in motion only so late in World War II?

  • Why did the Nazi SS work hand-in-glove with Zionist organizations in Palestine and throughout occupied Europe, even as the Holocaust was taking place?

  • Who assassinated the prominent Zionist leader Chaim Arlosoroff in 1934 and why?

Time is running out. To survive, Roth must find the answers to these questions and remain one step ahead of Nazis, old and new, as well as the Israeli Mossad.

There is only one rule: TRUST NO ONE.

Dedicated to Lidija, my wife and life.

Facts and Speculations

All the historical events and personalities mentioned in this book are true and factual.

The only exceptions are:

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