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Run Harry Run

An Innocent Man-A Run For His Life

Written by JL Schneider

Published by JL Schneider at Smashwords

JL Schneider is the exclusive owner and copyright holder on this publication

Smashwords is JL Schneider's Ebook Publisher and Distribution Platform


Harry Long was an ordinary man. Harry had a family, a wife, two kids, friends, a job, a small home with a mortgage, he was just a small part of the American fabric. But one day Harry woke up and the fabric had torn. You see, Harry became like a lot of us, broke, alone, angry and wanted.

Of course none of this happened while Harry slept the decline began slowly, almost invisibly. Harry and his wife Elaine took a trip one day. Just a small weekend getaway, the kids stayed with Grandma and Harry and Elaine had a romantic weekend together. They stayed in a beautiful hotel on the beach in Biloxi Mississippi.

Sunday evening they checked out and headed home. Their credit card receipt was dropped into a draw with hundreds others. Harry walked away from the Hotel counter and stuffed his copy of the credit card receipt in his pocket. He kissed his wife and they headed for the parking garage elevators. As he was walking he pulled his keys out of his pocket not realizing his receipt had fallen out.

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