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The College Tour

Jeanine Nicole

Published by Jeanine Nicole at Smashwords

Copywright 2011 Jeanine Nicole

Mike turned up the music on his Ipod. Nikki, who was sitting next to him, turned towards him. “Can you turn that down?” “What?” Mike mouthed. Nikki pulled the earphones out of his ears. “Are you that dumb? I said can you turn that down.” “My bad sweetheart. I didn’t know it was that loud.” “Well, it is.” Nikki shook her head and looked into her purse. She pulled out her compact and began to fix her hair. “You look beautiful like always,” Mike smiled. Nikki looked at him and rolled her eyes. Mike turned away and put his earphones back in. Sitting behind them were Brittany and Ashlee. “Oh my God! It is so hot. How can you stand wearing all that black?” Brittany exclaimed. Ashlee looked over at her. “Excuse me?” “Well, maybe you’re used to it since you wear it like everyday. I’ve never seen you in anything else. Is that like your favorite color or are you some type of devil worshipper?” Ashlee looked at Brittany like she was crazy. “Will you shut up? You don’t talk to me at school so don’t start now.” Ashlee turned her back towards Brittany and looked out the window. “Jeez. Such attitude! It must be the heat. Excuse me Mr. Bus Driver, are you sure there is no air conditioning on this bus?” Mr. Willy looked at Brittany through his mirror. “I’ve been driving these buses for years and I’ve never seen one with air conditioning,” he responded. Sitting across from them were Rochelle and Julian. “Man I gotta agree with that wanna be Brittany Spears. It is too hot,” Rochelle said as she fanned herself. “Why don’t you just open the window?” “You’re sitting right next to it. Can you open it for me?” Rochelle asked flirtatiously. Julian rubbed his wrist. “I would, love, but I hurt my wrist the other night.” “Doing what?” Rochelle asked. Julian smiled. “Writing a paper.” Christopher, who was sitting in front of them, laughed to himself. Julian sat up. “What are you laughing about?” “Nothing,” Christopher said, nervously. “Naw Urkel you bold enough to laugh. Go ahead. I’m listening.” Christopher slowly turned around toward Julian. “Well, it’s just that, um, everyone kind of knows that, um, you don’t really do your own work. So, you hurting your wrist due to writing a paper is a little absurd.” Rochelle began to laugh. “Dang even poin dexter here knows about you.” “Man whatever. You just mad cause I get more chicks than you and I get them to do whatever I want. You wish you could be like me instead of doing all that work yourself.” “I’d rather do the work myself. It’s more fun that way.” Christopher turned back around and Julian waved him off. “I love to do all the work too,” Rochelle said, smiling at Julian. “I hear that. You gon’ open up the window?” Julian leaned back and motioned for Rochelle to open the window. Rochelle rolled her eyes and leaned over. Julain smiled while obviously looking down her shirt. Sitting a row behind them was Tasha. “She is so nasty,” she said, quietly to herself. Tasha turned to her right and saw Nate with his head against the window. She looked at his clothes, which were extremely dirty, and also noticed his unkempt hair. Just then Nate looked over at Tasha. “Can I help you?” he asked, sitting up. Tasha immediately turned and looked back out the window. “You can stare but you can’t talk?” Nate said angrily. “I-I wasn’t staring. I was just looking,” Tasha stammered. “You like what you see?” Tasha looked straight ahead unsure of what to say. “Well, keep yo eyes off me then!” Nate sat back in his seat. “What is that smell?” Brittany asked loudly. She turned behind her and looked at Nate. “Oh my god, is that you? It has to be. I mean look at your clothes. They’re filthy.” “We just passed a landfill. You are so ignorant,” Mike said. “Wow! Look who’s talking. Do you even know what that word means?” Rochelle asked. Nikki turned around. “I’m sure you could teach him right? Do you think you would be able to keep your clothes on for that lesson?” Ashlee laughed. “Dang. She got you on that one.” “Yo, what’s up with you and all that black? You tryna cast a spell or something?” Nate asked. “I know you are not talking about somebody’s clothes,” Julian said. “Can’t we all just enjoy this educational experience?” Christopher asked. Everyone looked at him and yelled, “Shut up!” All of a sudden the bus pulled over and came to a halt. Mr. Willy stood up and faced the students. “Okay now that’s enough!” he shouted. “I understand that it is hot and everyone is irritated, but if you want to continue on this trip I suggest you find a way to get along. If not, I can turn around and take you back home.” The students looked around at each other. A few seconds later, Mr. Willy got back in the driver’s seat and turned the bus back on. He continued driving.

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