And then of course there was also the minor detail of his being hopelessly under-armed and up against a much bigger and nastier enemy, but hey, he should be used to that by now. The beast was already moving closer to him, and he didn’t think he had any chance of escaping. Running away certainly wasn’t an option – it would be on him within seconds if he tried turning his back on it, so he really had no choice but to fight the thing head-on, even if the attempt was doomed. Story of his life, really. And his death, for that matter.

OK, so the odds were all against him anyway; but the thing that really got him mad, as his fragile little human body went hurtling down off the cliff-top, was the utterly random twist of fate that had caused him to loose his footing and fall. A banana skin, on the top of an isolated cliff? Come on, who did Andrew think he was kidding? So of course he had no choice but to argue against it.

That’s not fair, Andrew, you always kill off my character just as he’s getting close to killing it. That’s so not in the rules, I want to go back!”

It was you who rolled a two,” Andrew pointed out perfectly reasonably, indicating the dice that still lay untouched since the fateful roll on the table.

Yeah, but that’s only supposed to mean I take extra damage points, and the fight becomes harder, you can’t go putting in random events like that.” He picked up a white typed document on the table and searched through it. “See, you even said something about this here, in your own rules for the game …”

Mark Turner sighed, leaned back in his chair and rolled his eyes in anticipation of the argument that was to follow.

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