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This story is about 3500 words or about 20 standard book pages.

A big black man came down the hallway from the other direction. He was followed by another smaller man.

Joe kept walking and the two meet in the middle of the hallway.

"Joe the Pole," the man said in a husky accented voice, "I've heard of you."

Joe met the man's eyes. This one had the look of a murder. His black skin was so dark that Joe could barely see the scars that crisscross his face. He was an intimidating man and Joe knew straight away that this would be the man that the lord had set him up to fight. So the lord wants to see me dead, does he? This one might just make that a reality.

"I'm Joe, who are you?" he asked calmly.

"You'll find out," the man said pushing past Joe and walking towards where the lord was entertaining his guests.

Joe looked back. The man was bigger than him. At least two hands across the shoulders and with powerful looking arms. He would be hard to beat.

Joe kept on walking. Things were getting interesting.

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