M for Mannequin

N for Nothing

O for Okay

P for Perilous

Q for Quit

R for Reunion

S for Sacrilege

T for Tell Me a Story

U for Under the Skin

V for Victorious

W for Women

X for X-ray

Y for Youth

Z for Zone

A for Aquarium

She let out a squeal when she saw the first snail, a dot on the glass wall with its own antennae and goo crawling out of a shell.

It thrilled her to see a creature in the aquarium that she hadn’t put in, at least not on purpose. It brought everything closer to the illusion of nature, which is a wild, uncontrolled thing, an illusion she had tried to create with rocks, moss, driftwood, soil, plants, fish, shrimp. Now she had snails!

The next day she saw another snail among the expensive grass, and five more in quick succession. They’re thriving, she said, and that means my fish and shrimp and plants would thrive too.

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