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This story is about 1800 words.

He fingered his gun in his pocket. There would be a lot more attention after today.

"Here you are, Mr. Sanderton. Sorry to bother you."

He was Joe M. Sanderton to the world at large at the moment. He had been in the USA for a year now and the fake degree had earned him a job at a bank where he had worked hard and achieved good success. People didn't see his true intentions and he liked it that way.

The man walked on to the stage ahead of him. Allad had chosen a spot not too far away. It was quite close to a bunch of security staff, but it didn't matter. There were more than enough cameras in here. He would not escape and if he did then not for long.

The man started to talk and Allad tuned out. He would wait some before he did the job. He looked down at the crowd as he spoke. Most of them were older men and women who probably had only come because they were bored of the tour groups they had joined and listening to a speech seemed like a good way to break the monotony of looking at endless pictures of the same sort of scene.

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