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The Slaughter

To say that the small village of Sinn was aptly named would be a tremendous understatement. That was on full display one day, when the villagers were gathered together to meet the King, as he stood in the center, in front of the blacksmith’s shop.

“I have come to offer you pardon!” He declared. His light armor shone in the sunlight, and the crown upon his head was fitted to a thick helmet.

The villagers watched him suspiciously. In their thin cloaks were daggers, not concealed at all. In their houses were many other cruel weapons, everyone knew.

“I know what you have done. How you have killed all of my servants who have come before you, coming to warn you. But now I have come myself. I come to offer you pardon.” He extended the thick scroll in his hand. “All I ask is that in exchange you turn from your wicked ways. That you obey me.” He looked round on the villagers that were assembled, each one of them looking at him, aware of their individual and collective crimes, they knew what he spoke of.

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