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Short Stories About Modern Life


Eric Feka

Published by The Reluctant Geek

Smashwords Edition

Copyright Eric Feka 2009

Every civilization needs to reflect on what is or is not important. In times gone by, it was knowledge, love, or honour. Things have changed.

At the dawn of Western society, great thinkers and writers such as Plato, Aristophanes, and Euripides bent their minds to the many problems that beset our fledgling civilization. Their toil played no small part in making the West what it is today. Time marches on, however, and Western civilization has evolved and changed. Sadly, Plato and his toga-wearing contemporaries are no longer all that relevant to your average iPod toting consumer.

Symposia re-casts the work of these three Hellenic writers in a way that works in today's fast paced world: A Virtual Life brings Plato's The Symposium to the online world of Sword of Valour, while Gert, Graham, and Andy share a drink and more in Consuming Passions. Sammy spills corporate blood in KPI, which is probably what Plato would have done if he found himself trapped in a corporate nightmare. Cad and the Sacred Cow is the modernisation of Euripides' Heracles, and explains The Great Financial Crisis. Now we know who is to blame. Impure Silicon, inspired by Aristophanes' Clouds, shows that while times may change, people are a constant.

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