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Los Desengaños

Memories of a Place

by Angela Sanchez Tischler

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 by Angela Sanchez Tischler

ISBN 10: 0983851921

ISBN 13: 978-9838519-2-9

To my brother’s grandchildren:

Albert and Angelica Alvarez, and Lucia Sanchez


I am here to preserve the memory of a place that ceased to exist. The land is still there, but it is not the same place. It lost its name, it lost its landmarks and it may lose its history when the few of us who know it are gone. The land has not been covered with cement. It may even have a new life. A farmer may be planting crops; a child living near could be making it its own. But the place that was mine is gone.

The place had a name during the time when humans thought they owned it. The name was Desengaños.

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