It had taken him a great deal of planning to steal the dragon. It hurt him, too, that he’d had to end up killing his buddy over it. But when he found out that it could practically shit out money, he had to have it. There was never a time when you could have too much cash. And once he started reading up on them, the more he realized what the sucker was worth. Like every piece was worth millions. He had planned to start cutting away at the thing when he got rid of the kids and their mom. Then this had happened.

His trial date was set for next week. Walton had called his father, who in turn had gotten him a lawyer. Dad hadn’t been that good of a role model for him, but when the shit hit the fan, like it had now, he could be counted on to help. He’d give you a hard time about it, but he’d get you to safer grounds.

Mr. Conrad, you have a visitor. Now I’m going to let you see him today, but you explain that he can’t come back tomorrow. You’re grounded.” He pointed out that he wasn’t ten. “Then how about I tell that daddy of yours how you fucked up yesterday, and he’ll just have to go back to where he came from?”

I’ll tell him.” It wouldn’t do any good. Telling his dad that he couldn’t do something was the same as saying go right on ahead and do whatever it is you want. Just make sure you stayed out of his way. Dad was a force that no one screwed with. “If I’m still grounded, why am I seeing him? Not that I don’t appreciate it?”

You were served, and he said he was getting you an attorney. I can’t deny you that.” He nodded. “Also, he gave me some cash, and that gets you both a freebie.”

Shuffling out to the area where he was allowed to see people, with chains on his ankles and wrists, he wasn’t surprised all that much when he was led to a different place. One with a table and chairs, as well as food for him. Instead of eating it while the guard was in the room, he waited until his father dismissed him before reaching for the knife and fork. But before he could eat, the tray was shoved to the floor.

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