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The Spark of Life, Success and Relationships

By Winston Zvirikuzhe

Copyright 2011 Winston Zvirikuzhe

Smashwords Edition

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To my son Michael, Dad loves you


When we are born we are born with incredible ability. Babies may look weak and helpless but in them is a potential which if natured appropriately by the right minded people they would be outstanding adults. If we sum up all the abilities of world record holders and trend setters we will notice just the surface of human beings. The greatest minds in human history are just but a tip of the iceberg in understanding just how capable we are. Every baby when born has a certain spark to them. They almost seem like they are shining, yet you cannot touch it. They bring out emotions out of anyone who looks at them. There is a power behind babies such that it is easy to be ruthless to full grown adults rather than the baby. Fine we may say it is because the baby is helpless, but the truth is we find an irresistible attraction to our hearts and spirit to the baby such that we just want the baby to be safe. It takes a lot of madness to ignore the plight of a baby. A mother no matter how poor they are will cling to their baby and try as much as possible to make sure that the baby has enough. I have seen mothers in times of war that will do whatever it takes to make sure that the baby is safe. They would rather die. There is a power within a baby which when the baby though cannot speak, almost instinctively makes us want to be at the baby’s level and talk to the baby. There is something about a baby which makes grown man scared of them such that the thought of being a father makes every man think twice. When the baby finally arrives the father who overcomes that fear will become the most loving father and become a “Soft” man so they say. As humans grow, or as babies and children grow they have all these dreams and they do all these things. They speak a lot of stories and we say they have a great imagination. Babies at two to five years will tell you stories about seeing things or hearing certain things. They will tell you such amazing stories such that you wonder where they get them from. Well, you should wonder. We react and quickly tell them that there are no such things. As they grow they lose all the imagination. Is it not amazing how children play and get into all sorts of dangerous places and come out safe? If you the parent knew half the things kids do when you are not there or when you are not looking you will be shocked. Sometimes they will jump from trees, climb walls, and explore very awkward and dangerous places. Surprisingly most of the time a guardian angel takes care of them. After all the belief in guardian angels came from this very fact, that children seem to have someone taking care of them because the number of dangerous places they get themselves into is just too many, but they survive to tell the story. The fact of the matter is that as people we have individual abilities which when we are born with are at their ultimate height. As time goes or rather let’s just say as we are schooled by parents, society, friends and systems we lose these abilities. We lose a certain spark about us. It seems we lose the ability to believe to a certain level. As kids we could believe anything we wanted. As adults it seems we have a defined level of belief where if we reach it we decide anything else is now a lie. Kids will believe in space travel without ever having seen the scientific achievements as yet, adults will believe only when they have seen the evidence. Kids will do just about anything yet adults will have a definition of how far they will go, when they reach this level they decide to retract and will almost stop trying It is unfortunate that people do not get it as yet. So every day babies are born with a spark and they lose it as they grow. There are many sparks in life, however there is only one spark that sets off the fire of capability to ability. There is only one spark in life which can ignite you time and time again such that no matter what the situation is, you will always be able to set your fire to achieve whatever you want. That spark is just one word. Anyway let us keep the suspense hey; you will discover it at the end of the book.

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