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Setting the Compass

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Setting the Compass is from the short story collection Night Flight from Marabar.

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Setting the Compass

It was Druidism that bound the diverse range of Celtic peoples into a distinctive group. Caesar said the central Druidic belief stipulated that after death, the soul passes on to another person. This, he believed, underpinned the Celts' astonishing bravery in battle.

The Druids taught their secrets to novices through an oral tradition. They chanted lessons to their acolytes who, in turn, chanted them back to their teachers until they were known by heart. The Druids were exempt from military service and war taxes. Caesar believed these privileges attracted many novices willing to undergo the rigorous training that could take up to twenty years to complete.

Druid teaching included the recitation of ancestral relationships, and belief in the interweaving of spiritual and physical worlds – to the degree that both were seen as two parts of the same entity. Druids were proficient in astronomy and astrology. They taught that the soul was eternal and the world itself was indestructible.

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