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The Ultimate Students & Teachers Reiki 1 Manual

An essential reference book. Packed with rare information and photos, therapists and teachers can improve healing results. Used by Reiki experts to enhance their knowledge. Approximately 500 pages - if you thought you knew it all, think again!

Angels on Earth

Learn if YOU are a loving Angel. If so, this book teaches your soul steps from pre-birth to post-death with wisdom and enlightenment. Know why you are on Earth, and what your soul work is… Achieve your soul job quicker, easier, and with less pain. Read why Angels on Earth have beauty within, share love, and must achieve their purpose, destiny, ecstasy! What finer blessing do you need in life?

Get Rich Happily

Learn how to be financially rich easily - and spiritually rich too. :-) Secrets revealed include how to work simply for 2 hours daily and new ways to be happier! You are born with a spiritual and financial millionaire’s mind. You just need to learn how to use it…
This book shows you how!

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