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This story is about 2500 words.

Tim walked home. His mother and father would be at work and his sister went to the girls' school down the road. No one would be home when he got back. It was only 11am in the morning.

He walked inside and sat down on the couch. His father would likely kill him tonight. Tim had been expelled from his junior high school because of what another group had done to him. He had needed to go to the accident and emergency room that day and had spent a week in hospital. His mother had lied and said he had tried to kill himself by jumping off the roof of their apartment that they owned before they got this house. His father had thrown him.

Tim went into his parent's room. There were two small sets of drawers by the bed. He opened the one on his father side. He pulled it out.

Black steel with a dirty wooden handle and a long square top. He popped it out. Full. He put it back in and put it to his head. There was a mirror where his mother did her make up to hide the bruises. He saw his young face blank of emotion as his blue eyes met his own in the reflection. His hair was scraggly and unkempt and his shirt was a mess. He wore the school's logo on his left breast and had slightly torn pants from where he had yanked them up after the nurse removed the carrot.

How many times have I done this to have no emotion about it? He pulled the trigger.

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