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(Story is about 3400 words)

He waited in the park. Kimberly had answered the phone at work and put him on hold. It had been excruciating. He had sat on the phone wondering if she would be able to talk him and wondering if he would have the guts to call her back if she didn't.

She had come back on a few minutes later. Apparently, she had been in a meeting and had taken the initiative and stepped out. He had quickly set up the date knowing she would need to get back to work soon. Somehow less small talk had made it easier.

The park was big. He rarely came into central New York City unless he had to go to headquarters or visit his sister. It was nice to get off home turf.

He looked at his watch again. She was 15 minutes late and it was a bit embarrassing. He was wearing his best 'date' clothes and he knew that the clothes and the look of concern on his face would tell anyone who passed by the situation.

His phone rang. It was her number. He picked up.

"It's me. Sorry, I missed my train. I'm almost there." She sounded puffed.

He started to look around the park. A hand reached over and tapped him on the shoulder.

She was standing behind him puffing. She looked amazing. He couldn't breathe for a moment. She was wearing a short skirt and heels with a fashionable white top. He hadn't realized just how amazing her body was. She was slim, but had gentle curves with breasts that perked out from her chest. He swallowed. She was way, way out of his league.

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