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(Story is about 2800 words)

Jose looked down the barrel of the shotgun and prayed.

"Carlos, please. Forgive me."

Maria was sitting across the room looking guilty. It had been obvious to her father how the two of them felt about each other the moment Maria had looked at him when he walked into the living room. Things had gone downhill from there.

"Tell me you didn't sleep with my daughter!" Carlos yelled in Spanish.

Jose tried to find it in himself to lie, but he couldn't. He might die, but he was an honest simple man. He could not change that.

"Carlos, come on. Put the gun down."

Carlos pushed the barrel at him and Maria screamed. Things were looking bad.

"Put it down, you fool." He was saved.

Maria's grandmother had come in from the garden to see what the trouble was.

Carlos obeyed immediately. If there was anything about Mexican men there was the fact they obeyed their mothers.

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