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This story is about 2700 words.

"RUN!" he yelled as the first rockets were fired.

Jose, Mike and Knife quickly sprinted towards the small group of tents, while Tank ran towards the machine.

"Mike and Jose. Move the refugees towards the town and load them on the trucks," Tank said over the communicator, "Knife, see if you can find a way to disable that thing from in the woods."

Knife increased his pace and ran straight into the woods. Tank kept running forward as missiles exploded behind him. There was a spray of earth as one got a little too close to him.

This was an AN6 Mech. The thing was probably a relic from the nuclear wars before people started using mechanical bodies for warfare.

It was probably the most dangerous creation of the military of that time and still was a force to be reckoned with that could take out whole teams of enhanced soldiers.

Tank lifted his heavy rifle and shot off a burst of 20 rounds at the cockpit. It was the most reinforced place on the entire machine, but the bullets would ping off the steel a bit and might distract the drivers for a moment.

He got within the 100 meter range of the big cannon on the bottom of the three legged machine and it let loose a hail of shells. It was more powerful than he had thought.

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