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The Discovery

by: Mike Brumfield

“Look UP in the sky, it’s . . . ”

Mike Brumfield

The Discovery

By Mike Brumfield

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The key: No brainer; don’t think. Believe matching evidence.

Please close your eyes for a moment after reading this and just imagine. Imagine yourself making a scientific discovery “UP” in the sky, of such a historical magnitude that it radically changes everything you were “taught” about our past. A discovery that you would have found hard to “believe” if not for seeing it with your own eyes. But you did and when it happened, it left you with an undeniable glimpse of it’s futuristic implications. Proof of capabilities that are hardly even comprehendible today if not for the technological advancements we ourselves have made in the last one hundred years. Achievements that have literally taken us from being virtual prisoners in space, living only at the mercy of Mother Nature, to where we are today . . . Also living “UP” in space. Suddenly, you realize that the event you just witnessed “matches” the universal story of religion. It is a story about smarter people who live “UP” in the sky. You ask yourself the obvious no-brainer question. Could this be them? It all makes sense now. Especially the most obvious question. Why don’t they live with us? They are “REAL FLESH AND BLOOD” people who have already conquered Space/”UP”. The matching evidence proves they aren’t dimensional or spirit, for god’s sake. It’s now easy to understand how the universal magic spirit teaching got started. We are also now on the verge of making invisible suits and we already communicate through “invisible” imagery like TV, computers, and holograms. You begin to wonder. Could our species be a scientific creation that isn’t “good”? This seems to be the only rationale for their absence and lack of intervention. Maybe, it isn’t possible to help us or stop us from being created. Maybe, just maybe we are . . . No! Your mind races. You are struck by a horrible reality. Suddenly, you realize this evidence will torture humanity and rewrite religion. Oh, my god, my family is religious!

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