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A crash is generally defined as two objects colliding with enough force to cause damage, but Lindsey and Garnet effect damage by walking away from one another. When they meet again, eight years later, they must deal with their past in the middle of industrial sabotage and terrorist threats. In this story, love might not get a chance to find a way.

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Once again, Emjae Edwards has written a story that transports the reader into the minds, hearts, and locales of the characters. When you have finished 'Learning to be Irish', don't be surprised if you speak with a brogue (the accent, not the shoe) and bleed shamrocks. More Books Please, Amazon reader

Emjae Edwards takes us for a very exciting ride as we follow Garnet Steele from one coast to the other, trying to get her life back together after her first love goes very wrong. Highly recommended. Kristie Leigh Maguire, Romance Author

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