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Pistachio the Tyrant

by Elvis Deane

Illustrations by Samantha Turnbull

Copyright © 2011 by Elvis Deane

Published by Impossibilia at Smashwords

To my grandmother, Kazimiera,

who told me her true life stories,

and showed me the power

that words can have.

Chapter 1

The Coming Revolution

Vamen took his place in front of the crowd of men and women. For months, they had met in secret gatherings, huddled together in the darkness. The yellow flames from their torches licked the chill air like orange tongues, shadows leaping and twirling along the grey stone walls of the inn’s dank cellar. Vamen cleared his throat.

“My friends, after sixty-three years of ruling, our king lays dying,” he said, his dark gaze creeping around the room, meeting the eyes of his co-conspirators. They grinned back at him. “He’s burdened us with unbearable taxes, given our land and homesteads to his loyal lackeys, and hanged men for speaking out against him. But in less than a week, the tyrant will be buried, and a new king will rise up to take his place.”

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