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Accepting Fate

By Vanessa E. Kelman

Accepting Fate

By Vanessa E. Kelman

© 2011 Vanessa E. Kelman

Smashwords Edition

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This book is dedicated to Armando and Belinda Santos:

the best parents a girl could ever ask for.

Chapter 1

If Mary hadn't been so depressed, it would have been a perfect wedding. The air was cool, and a light breeze blew Melanie's veil as she walked down the brick pathway. Mary felt tears fill her eyes as she saw the look on Bobby's face. She could tell he was nervous, but his eyes lit up as Melanie came into view. Mary sniffled into her tissue and looked down at her hands.

It had been a while since she had attended a wedding. The last one may very well have been her own, five years ago. She didn't begrudge Bobby and Melanie their happiness. They were a beautiful couple, sweet and loving. Watching them together, she was happy for them. But she couldn't help being a little jealous, too. She had never had that contentment with her ex-husband. The entire time they had been together, she had felt like she was playing a part, that she was doing what she was supposed to be doing, rather than what she wanted to be doing. It had been very surreal. Since the divorce, she wasn't even sure how to act, what to do. She wasn't even sure who she was.

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