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Tell Me a Story of Shoes


Genieve Dawkins

Copyright 2009

All rights reserved. No reproduction or copying is permitted without the prior written consent of the author.

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Shoe Story One

Simple, well-made, classic things have a special appeal for me, especially shoes. This is as a result of growing up poor. When every new shoe is a special thing, and purchasing them comes through hard work and sacrifice, you develop an appreciation of the delicate balance of function, form and self-expression.

My shoe collection consisted of a few moderately-priced and well-worn treasured pieces. I was absolutely delighted to see that my favourite shoe store was holding a competition where one could submit a short story about anything and win a pair of classic shoes. Not being able to afford luxuries, such as toys, as a child, I had instead spent my time digesting everything I could find in the library, and had developed a particularly useful talent for writing as a result.

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