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TIMMY WASN’T sure how he was supposed to feel when his friends started to show up for his birthday party at the beginning of the afternoon.

The kids that arrived he knew mostly, but not all of them. Some of them were just the kids of his parent’s friends that he hadn’t known were invited in the first place. They had already divided into several groups that were dispersed along the yard; most of them camped out by the pool on the deck, soaking up the sun and the conversation. Their kids had all remained at the tables when Timmy pulled out the games.

He looked back at his group, who were a bunch of kids messing with noisemakers and wearing quite strange looking hats. His mom had said they were cute, but Timmy just thought they were stupid. Why did they have to wear hats anyway?

He was sitting with twin sisters who were in front of him, setting up dominoes. He had wanted to set them up like a person who had just been shot, but they had both decided on a castle, so he was outvoted. When it came to down to princesses or cowboys, majority rules.

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