Shelly's Diary

By: Melody Ichigama

Dear diary,

I chewed on my pencil as I sat in class wondering how much homework I didn't do. I was thinking of quick excuses. My dog ate it? No everybody knows my mom is allergic to pets. Hmm, I was at sports? No, I'm to bust with track everyone knows I cant ALSO fit in other sports, and everyone knows track meets are Friday, not Wednesday. To tell the truth I was only at home watching TV. I wasn't watching TV just to flip though channels. I needed to watch the newest icarly episode, how was I supposed to know it would lead to an icarly MARATHON! I couldn't miss it. I think they should at least give me slack for that! I mean I always do my homework! This is just one time! I popped a piece of cherry gum in my mouth. It was sitting in my pocket for a while so it was soft and warm. Just the way I like it. Gum has this weird affect on me though. It makes me daydream more and get lost in my thoughts. Also I can't even blow a bubble! Last time I tried I got gum in my hair. So there I was daydreaming of pie. I know, I know, weird but yummy.

I heard a sharp voice crack, “SHELLY!” startled I blinked a few times realizing the teacher knew I was in dream land. She was quite used to this. But not getting any more happy about it. My teacher was old and has lots of wrinkles. She has a sharp nose like a witch. Shes just as scary as one too. So I sat there my face burning just as the bell rang for the next class. I scurried out of that class faster than I ever had before. Probably because my face was so red and my eyes had tears in them. I hated being yelled at. I checked my schedule. (I am the only person in my grade who still checks my schedule. I don't want to ever walk into the wrong class again like I did on my first day.) Yes!!! I had gym next. I loved gym because we run a lot in gym and I'm the fastest runner in my whole CLASS!! (I'm even faster than the boys!) I skipped happily, with my eyes gleaming with joy, into the gym humming my favorite tune by Ke$ha. I always loved how Ke$ha spells her name with $ I want to add something like that to my name. But I cant think of anything. I was shocked to see volley ball nets in the middle of our gym. I froze. I had never played volley ball before. I was horrified. A boy in class noticed my face and snickered, “Ha ha so your not Miss Perfect after all!” All the color drained out of my face. I held back tears. We were assigned groups. When I was assigned to a group everybody else in my group cheered. I felt the lump in my throat growing. My apposing team groaned and buried there faces in there hands as if to say, “We're done for.” I wanted to do the same thing. Luckily the other team served because I'm even worse at serving then hitting the ball. I think. I never tried but serving sure does look a whole lot harder. I was looking at my sweaty palms rapidly wiping then on my jeans when WAM! The volley ball hit me smack in my face. It was a soft ball so I had to keep playing. The next serve also came my way. I weakly hit it with one hand and it barely moved an inch. My team groaned so loudly. A girl who was supposedly my friend on the team also shot me a glare. I felt myself shrinking. Oh no! The ball came at me again! The other team must love to torture me because when I missed the ball everyone shot me dirty looks again. For once I couldn't wait until gym was OVER. Before I never wanted it to end. Now I know how my friends who dread gym feel.

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