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“Why Colin Delaney, have you been eyeing my behind? Tsk tsk…my mama warned me about boys like you.” She eased herself just a little closer, pressing her lips to her husband’s.

Mama DuBoix had done just that, had she ever. Wasn’t right for a civilized mephit like her daughter to go gallivanting about with any dogs, ‘specially one that wasn’t a Creole like every other member of the family. But Celeste was not going to be swayed from her affection for the strapping young writer from Baltimore, down on a research trip to see the sights of the Bayou. Besides, she knew damn well Mama’s pissing and moaning was just because she’d never become Gramma DuBoix. Shame about genetics, but love was not gonna be denied.

Or various other urges, the kiss amplifying with everyone second that went by. They’d only been married a year now, just long enough to get a house and move their things together. It wasn’t a lavish affair, but between Celeste‘s Nursing and Colin’s books they were doing just fine. So to think that the pair were busily undressing the other, a set of brown hands underneath a thin cotton t-shirt while a lovely backside ground itself into her his thighs…well, it wasn’t much of a reach.

They barely even blinked when Colin’s desk chair, not really suited for such activities, turned to one side and promptly deposited both parties on their respective asses. Instead, Colin gave a bark and a playful growl, wrapping his fingers into Celeste’s shorts and yanking, leaving the black and white beauty naked from the waist down. One pull of a hem later and she took care of the rest, bust bouncing slightly as she moved.

Colin’s eyebrow quirked, running his hands along his lover’s sides and her naked hips. “No panties or bra? You naughty thing,” he said with a wide smirk, angling his muzzle up and kissing the crown of a breast.

“Ah…it’s hot out today, even for a Southern girl like me. And with you strutting’ about in those shorts and no shirt, mmm, it ain’t getting no colder.” Thin fingers undid the fly on the collie’s sport shorts and reached inside, teasing his member out, tall, pink, and proud, with the crown a little shiny from his quickly building excitement. Celeste grinned and rubbed a fingertip over the head in appreciation. “Every time I see this, it’s like the first time…”

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