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The Road To Becoming A Warrior

By Ron Hooft

Copyright 2011 Ron Hooft

Smashwords Edition

The Road To Becoming A Warrior

What does that mean?

In many shamanistic traditions the warrior is not like a soldier at all. What is meant by the word warrior is one who is impeccable. Samurai warriors strived for a perfection of self and of spirit not just of their ability to fight. The Buddhist monks who invented many of the martial arts were perfecting all aspects of themselves, including the ability to survive and defend themselves. Martial arts are not just a way to fight, they bring with them rules of conduct and spiritual lessons for a way of life.

The shamanistic traditions from all over the world give us tools with which to accomplish inner peace and harmony. They include ways of perception that clarify life for us. They naturally included ways in which to treat others.

In my book: The Seekers Guide, I list several of these tools in point form. I have also written about some of them in other essays.

Recently, while writing another book I became reacquainted with an author whose books I read when I was a teen. His name is Carlos Castaneda. At the time I read three of his books including: “A separate reality.” I found out that he went on to write twelve books and develop his own religion based on Native American warrior tradition.

He bases his world view on the Toltec traditions. The Toltec culture ended around year 1000 CE and was taken over culturally buy what would become the Aztecs. From these teachings 5 points emerge. They are called the five agreements.

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