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Reader Advisory: This book contains explicit sex, light bondage, exhibitionism, a supremely hot Aussie, and, of course, sex on the beach.

Chapter One

“What is this, an ultimatum?” Annie Swenson felt the familiar giant’s fist of panic close around her throat. Her therapist, her rock, her savior for the past ten years was, more or less, threatening her.

“I suppose you could think of it that way. Or you could see it as doctor’s orders. It won’t kill you, trust me.” Dr. Stein rubbed his forehead wearily. Annie guessed she wasn’t his easiest patient. Still … a vacation? Didn’t he understand the stress involved in a vacation?

“I’m afraid of crowds, I’m afraid of heights, I’m afraid of snow, and I’m not too crazy about flying. Where am I supposed to go?” She clutched the seat of her chair.

“You’ve been making progress with your fear of water. You went swimming the other day. I suggest the beach.”

“The beach?” She squawked. “Where other people might see me?”

“A secluded beach.”

“Where am I going to find a secluded beach in the greater New York metropolitan area?” Annie pulled at her thick, dark curls, one of her many nervous gestures. Left alone, it would fly in a million crazy directions, much like her thoughts. De-frizzing products worked on her hair, and therapy was supposed to work on her nutty brain. Right now, she was experiencing a few doubts.

“I suggest you look farther afield. I’ve heard nice things about the Bahamas. Now

Annie, our time is almost up. I’ll see you again in a month, and I sincerely hope to hear a good report from you about your relaxing, rejuvenating vacation. Don’t forget: no cell phone, no computer. No work.”

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