Dedication and Acknowledgements

For my family – Kim, Laura, and Marissa. You three keep me going no matter what. My brother Joe thanks for helping to inspire my creativity.

For my friends – Thank you for all the help you’ve given me along the way. Larry Hitt, thanks listening to all my crazy stories as a teenager. Dusty Gray, thanks for pretty much the same thing in the decades including and following my stint in the US Navy. Ted Vinzani, your assistance with editing and formatting is greatly appreciated. Same goes for Noel, Brian, Dave, Clell, Matthew Schocke and the novel critique group The Pendulum on the Permuted Press Message boards all deserve hearty thanks for their input along with Lindsey Schocke and Kathryn Ardell for the final edits. Fiona Hsieh, my cover artist, deserves plenty of credit for the artwork that enticed many of you to look at this book in the first place. I also want to thank David Wood at Gryphonwood Press for giving me my first break as a novelist.

For those I’ve lost – Jeff Dunlap and John Taladay. You were both great men taken from this earth too soon.

For the fans – you’re few in number but growing steadily. Thank you for the encouragement.

Confessions of a D-List Supervillain was originally a novella in my collection Horror, Humor, and Heroes, Volume One.

Finally, one cannot write a story about a superhero or supervillain in a powered suit without acknowledging the influences of Marvel Comics for their creation of Iron Man and Robert Heinlein for his groundbreaking novel Starship Troopers.

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