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He had been exposed to the HSX-423c experimental virus and needed to reach the delivery point as quickly as possible, not knowing just how the stuff would affect him and not wanting to allow anyone else to become infected.

He should never have gone into the back to check on that sound he heard, never should have opened the top of the cannister to check if the vials were intact.

The broken vial was the last thing he saw, the yellow triangle with the skull within told him that he was dealing with something much more dangerous than a simple shipment of simple chemicals for dry-cleaning.

He staggered back to his cab, already feeling the stinging of the chemical on his hands, wondering what he had unleashed by unsealing the cannister, driving off at a terrible pace after calling his boss.

He never saw the same open cannister break from it's damaged fastenings, crashing against the side of the truck, breaking the other vials inside and the leakage spraying against the tree he hit, splattering the two cars parked nearby.

The hazmat team were there to remove him from the cab, but it was already too late for him. By the time they got him into a unit he was quite mad and had to be permanently sedated.

“Let nurse Walcott remain inside with him when he awakens. Seal them in here and observe. Is that clear?” the tall greying man with the distinct greying goatee said to his subordinate.

“Err... yes. Yes, Dr Benedetti.” the younger man answered nervously, not saying what he feared.

Dr Renato Benedetti smiled at his young assistant. When this was all over he would be found somewhere, probably laying in a pool of his own vomit, dead of course.

He could not afford any loose ends. The project was the most important in his career and nothing could be allowed to go wrong.

Ernie Tey would not leave that facility again while he was alive and soon afterwards the young blonde assistant would also die.

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