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Readers weigh in on grl2grl: short fictions

(the first collection)

"What is there to say about Julie’s book grl2grl? It goes there, fits quite nicely. From coming out, to dealing with hate, violence, discrimination, self destructive behaviors and abuse. It goes there. Julie managed to hit home on a few topics for me, in just one book! The relationships feel real, as do the situations. It’s an amazingly insightful book into the world of gay, lesbian and transsexual teens, that would be good for LGBT youth and their friends and family, to show what we really go through."

"In grl2grl YA author Julie Anne Peters breaks out of the novel genre for something, well, novel. If you're a fan of Peters' other works, {the first} collection of short fictions…will speak to you no matter what you've gone through, abuse, breakups, volatile relationships, the confusion of cyberspace, clicking with somebody, or hiding who you really are, there's something in grl2grl for you."

Grl2grl 2: Give Me a "D"


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