I blink a couple of times to bring the room back into focus with my normal vision. Mark’s posture reminds me of a little boy who is just waiting for someone to give him bad news. I look over at Brian and Brent, who have turned to me. I give them a slight nod. Their shoulders bunch up like they’re getting ready to go to battle for their dad.

“Dad. Dad look at me,” Brian says into the silence.

Mark slowly lifts his head, his eyes guarded.

“Dad, we all believe you.” Stretching his hand across the heavy wooden desk, Brian lays his hand over the much older hand of his father.

I slip back into the Spectrum to see Mark’s reaction: the pure emerald green of relief and hope. I smile sadly as I blink to clear my vision once again. Mark really must have thought no one would listen again.

“What changed? Why do you believe me this time?” Mark turns his hand over to grip his son’s.

“That’s one of the reasons we asked Finley here, Dad,” Brian starts to explain.

“Brian…” I’m hesitant to share this part of my life with Uncle Mark. Not that I think he would freak out or treat me differently, but this is a piece of my life I’ve never shared with anyone. For crap’s sake, the boys just got confirmation two days ago, and they’ve been in my life for the last twenty years.

“Finley, he needs to know,” Brent pleads. “Please.”

Mark’s head is moving between all of us, knowing now that something is different about me, and that the boys know. He gives me an encouraging smile, his eyes a little sad.

I sigh. And nod at Brent and Brian.

“Dad, Finley can tell when someone’s lying.” Brent only shares the bare minimum. I could kiss him for that.

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