An Amateur’s Guide to Becoming a Professional in Publishing

By Emily O'Brien

Table of Contents


Part One: What is the publishing industry?

The different types of publishing

The current state of publishing

The future of publishing

Part Two: What does a job in the publishing industry look like?

The desired skills of an editor

The roles and responsibilities of an editor

A day in the life of an editor

Part Three: How do I get a job in the publishing industry?


Work History

Personal Steps



Works Cited


Many people struggle understanding what a “publisher” is and does. Publishing is an expansive industry, one that produces newspapers, books, magazines, greeting cards, and, with the growing prominence of the internet, some digital media. Furthermore, publishing involves several different departments, including editorial, design, production, sales, marketing, and publicity. With all of these options, a career in publishing can look vastly different from person to person, depending on the role and type of publishing they choose.

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